Slimlight Multi-contact-foil

Versatile light foil by SLIMLIGHT

30x40cm is the cut-able Multi-contact foil in size. It can be shaped in almost any style by a cutting knife, scissors or a cutting plotter.

It consists of three sided 20 contacts in total, via soldering pins, in a distance of 5cm, these features enable almost any thinkable illuminated sizes.

Multikontaktfolie - die schneidbare Lichtquelle

You have found the right product to cut almost any shapes. Of course all copped off parts can be reused and there a maximum of the original illuminant is still operational. Larger formats can be arranged by connecting several formats of just one Multi-contact foil.

Slimlight Multi-contact foil is available in blue, turquoise and white.

Informationsmaterial, technische Daten und Preislisten zum Download finden Sie hier.


  • almost any shapes cut-able
  • complex cutting possible
  • perfect for developing prototypes
  • optimal utilisation of the illuminant


Slimlight Multi-contact foil is perfectly suited for being operated in places where complex cuttings are needed, e.g. motor vehicles.

Technical Data

standardized voltage:
110V AC
max. voltage:
200 V
0,6 mm
initial luminous density white::
54 cd/m²
initial luminous density green:
47 cd/m²
initial luminous density turqouise:
52 cd/m²