The slim light rod

Lightsticks are cold cathode tubes and have a lower surface temperature as conventional fluorescent tubes with also having a smaller diameter. Therefore mounting in proximity to or even directly onto plastic and wood is possible.

Small built-in sizes additionally enable the installation into the narrowest frame constructions or profile systems. Due to the abilities Lightsticks are perfectly fitted as illuminant for Edgelight-Displays and due to their low power consumption and high efficiency they are also usable as security lighting.

Available diameters are 2.6mm and 4.1mm

Informationsmaterial, technische Daten und Preislisten zum Download finden Sie hier.


  • efficient cold cathode tube
  • extremely slim
  • high life time
  • maximum illumination
  • minimal power consumption
  • highly power efficient
  • dimmable
  • start even in lower temperatures

  • available colour: white, blue, green, red


Versatile examples of application can be found on our project site.

Technical data

Colour temperature (white, cold-white,warm-white):
5.400/6.500/3.500 °K
50 - 860 mm
Power consumption:
0,9 - 11,7 W
light density:
6.000 - 45.000 cd/m²
Average life time:
25.000 - 50.000 h