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Stair-lighting with EL-lamps (Cine Light Lamp - CLL) and LED

Cine Light Lamps (CLL) in our BAL-stair profiles serve as security and indication for stair and drop edges in assembly halls such as cinemas, theatres, auditoriums and all kinds of venues.

Application of Cine Light Lamps is not only limited to newly constructed buildings, but also as an upgrade in existing structures, especially in spaces with carpet covering. The illuminant (Electroluminescent light foil/LEDs) achieve an average duration of life of approximately 20,000 to 40,000 hours while driven with 48V AC.

Highly reliable and relatively low maintenance, even after years of operating, are essential characteristics of CLL.

Distinctive penetration of its monochromatic emittance is guaranteed even with high contamination of dust, fog and smoke.

All of these advantages are enabling our Cine Light Lamp as an outstanding illuminant for security lighting in the field of indication of drop edges and dangerous spots (according to MVStäV §15)

Economical consumption lower than 1 Watt per metre and an extraordinary resistance against thrust and vibrations outline the quality of CLL.

Our system comply to the following standardisations:
EN 60.598.1, EN 60.598.2.1, NFC 20.010. (approval LCIE No. 416.889 A of 01.09.1996).