LIGHTEC stair profiles in auditoriums

Slimlight Lines EL-strips are used more and more often as security lighting in assembly halls which are darkened under normal operation conditions.

A large part of it cover the auditoriums for universities.

Whether it may be build from the drawing board or an upgrade, in modern auditoriums a stair security lighting is absolutely required. Uncountable operators all around Europe are relying on our products.

Most common is a parquet flooring in which our light strips can be placed in a cut-out (approximately 15-20mm width, 7-10mm depth) sealed with a special two component jointing compound.

Architects and consultancy firms are asking for a discreet easily integratable stair security lighting, which doesn't causes irritating glare effects and harmonise with the design.

By sealing the light system, the strips are perfectly protected against humidity and liquids. Homogeneous EL strips are predestined as stair lighting in rooms which are darkened under normal operation conditions.

We recommend to use at least two inverters for each auditorium to enable a alternately wiring to our electrical drivers NV47² (output limited to 48V) or NV100 (output range 0-100V). A feed line should not be exceed 80 metres from the stair to the electrical driver.

EL strips can be sealed one-sided or two-sided in aluminium, brass profiles or stainless steel edges.

Further advantages:

  • Low maintenance cycles compared to other light system. Slimlight EL lamps have a long half-life time and are known to be fail safe when properly installed. Half-life times of 40,000 to 50,000 hrs (connected to NV47²) can easily be acquired.
  • Slimlight Lines are low power consuming compared to other illuminants, even LEDs are unable to reach its efficiency.

We are gladly accepting your inquiries and support you at your project, from beginning of planning to the installation, mounting and start-up. Our experienced technicians will guide you to the finishing touch. For samples or meetings please contact us.

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