In the movies and on the screen...

Slimlight Blue Screen

Slimlight EL-lamps are a self-illuminant foil. Spotlights for lightening test of a common Blue Screen are tales from the past.

Advantages of this luminous foil are:

  • no latency of lighting up
  • no longer any kinds of shadows of actors or items
  • no straightening out of shadows by the use of additional spotlights
  • die cutting is even possible at touching the blue screen and fast movements
  • Slimlight Blue Screens can be made fully walkable

Slimlight EL-lamps enable to transpose the blue screen and to be ready for operation within seconds. Transportation of your new blue screen will never be a problem again.

Slimlight Blue Screen -
minimizing the costs, maximizing the effect

  • Time: no longer time loss by installing or uninstalling the blue screen, no spots have to arranged, Slimlight Blue Screens are ready at the push of a button.
  • Heat: Slimlight EL-lamps do not emit any warmth, which might heat up your spatiality.
  • Costs: low power consumption enable the Slimlight Blue Screen to be taken anywhere desired with the usage of batteries.
  • Novelty: from now on the blue screen on the body of the actor and even on moving objects is realisable. Complex post-production is no longer needed.


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